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Celia Murphy


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6 Colworth Rd, London E11 1HY, United Kingdom





Reverend Celia Murphy


The Pentecostal City Mission Church originated in Jamaica over a century ago and founded by the late Rev Raglan Phillips and late Bishop Mary Coore. It was established in the United Kingdom in 1961 by pioneers who had experienced the dynamic peaching and teaching of Bishop Mary Coore and testified of the miraculous saving, healing and deliverance power of God witnessed in the ‘ARK’. It emerged out of the migration of City Missioners from Jamaica in the fifties and early sixties and their settlement in major industrial cities such as London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield.


During this period believers attended the established churches, but were not welcomed and some politely asked not to return again. Finding a place to worship or renting a school hall was extremely difficult. As time went on trailblazers came with a desire to start the City Mission movement and commenced worship in their homes until it was possible to rent a school hall. In London the ministry started at Anson Hall, North London by Deacon Ford (1959 -1961) and progressed to Vartry Road school hall under the leadership of Rev S Morris and Deacon R Taylor (1961-1967)) where it continued for many years.


In 1960 Bishop Mary Coore, Bishop Ethel Wilson and Bishop Delrose Walters stopped in England on their way from visiting the Holy Land. They held a week of evangelistic services before returning home. In 1961 the first church property was purchased at West Bank in Stamford Hill and the ministry was established in the name of Kingston City Mission. The name changed to International Pentecostal City in in 1963 and since 1998 operates under the name of Pentecostal City Mission Church. Bishop Walters and a delegation returned to the UK in 1967 and launched a great evangelistic campaign from which the City Mission ministry spread with establishment of new branches, such as Brixton, Huddersfield, Leeds, Bristol. The Field Director at the time was Rev J Walker-Royal (1967-1972).


In 1978, the PCMC headquarters church in Leytonstone ‘known as the Baby Cathedral’ was purchased, spearhead by the late Bishop Jones and continues to be the national place of worship and administration. Subsequent Field Directors of the UK ministry and Pastors of the Headquarters church include Rev S E Bennett (1972-1987), Rev J Small (1987-1992), Bishop H Cato National Overseer (1993 – 2021) Rev A Dwyer, Rev N Edwards, Bishop Noreen Simpson (November 2021- May 2022) and currently Rev C Murphy.


The Pentecostal City Mission Church has 12 branches located in six major cities and owns church properties in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Leeds. The Church was registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in 2014 to comply with UK Charity laws with a mandate to:

  • To advance the Christian religion;
  • To advance and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation with the objective of improving the conditions of life;
  • To promote racial harmony and good race relations; and the relief of financial hardship, either generally or individually, by, but not limited to, providing people with goods or services which they could not otherwise afford through lack of means

The Pentecostal City Mission church’s rich history of service to humanity, spiritual values and convictions are knitted in the reality that its success is channelled through the contributions of its great patriarchs that will forever be remembered and valued. We continue to build on this sure foundation which has stood the test of time with vision and compassion in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to future generations.